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  • Artist Info: 1. I'm a huge anime fan<br />
    2. I love to draw, sketch or whatever you want to call it <br />
    3. I read a lot <br />
    4. I write poetry (sometimes)<br />
    5. I'm kind of an introvert <br />
    6. Huge fan of Roger Federer <br />
    7. I love to sing <br />
    8. I'm very moody <br />
    9. I'm very picky with my friends <br />
    10. I enjoy watching horror, suspense and thriller movies (ok, so I secretly like watching chick flicks once in a while too, I'm still a female you know...)<br />
    11. I love spicy food!!!<br />
    12. I am so in to the maniacal villains in anime and movies like Dilandau Albatau, Dr. Jackal, and Hisoka<br />
    13. I'm currently hooked on Masanobu Ando the Japanese actor who played Kazuo Kiriyama, a heartless psychopathic killer in Battle Royale. I'm planning on doing his portrait once I'm done with all the tedious school work.<br />
    (okay, so I'm over with my fangirl crushie on Neil Etheridge, but I'm still an Azkals fan eventhough I'm not that hooked on their ever gorgeous goalie anymore. ^_~)<br />
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    I'm so not a saint! I'm not a good person at all, I'm as embroiled in sin as everyone else in this evil saturated world. I find my peace in the arts, it's my way of escaping the realities of my monotonous existence. For me friends are people who are either brave enough or as crazily sick as i am to let me into their lives. I hate change...i prefer to stay constant no matter how boring that may sound.<br />
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