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  • Artist Info: i'm not like other girls, I promise you that. i'm not perfect. i'll annoy you, tick you off, say stupid things, & then take them all back. but put all that aside, you'll never find a girl that loves & cares more then me. i've learned that until you face the mistakes you've made, you'll never learn.<br />
    i've fooled alot of people with my laugh and smile that i put on everyday & i honesly plan on keeping it that way. i've learned that no matter what everyone's going to hurt you, & its up to you to decide who's worth the pain. i live life how i want to, meaning no one helps me choose. i'm no going to change for you so don't even ask. i've been put through more shit then anyone could ever imagine, so before you point fingers & judge me take a long wild walk in my shoes & then we can see who's hurting(: music has always been my sanctuary & it speaks the words that i couldn't admit even to myself. i wouldn't be here today without my friends, they've supported me through every decision i've made & i could never thank them enough. they really are who i look forward to spending the rest of my life with.<br />
    go ahead sweety, hate me. i promise it won't break me
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