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  • Artist Info: When I try to define myself, I find it is impossible. Who I am depends upon the day. Still, for those who are willing to get to know me, I think you'll find I am...<br />
    -A strong friend<br />
    -A joyful person<br />
    -Very creative<br />
    -Someone who likes to laugh<br />
    -Has a quirky sense of humor<br />
    -Willing to be there whenever I'm needed<br />
    Anything else, you'll just have to befriend me and find out for yourself.<br />
    (Why do I feel like I'm advertising myself? XD )<br />
    My appearance changes just as frequently, but I keep the same signature, because I drew it, and I like it. If you like it too, please let me know! I love feedback! :3
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