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    Hey, My name Is Kristina Bee Lynn Martinez. <-- think thats a too long name O; join my mom haha. i tottally luv it though. Well anyways let me describe myself. I'm your average gurl with big ol' dark brown eyes that hold the sadness of past years and short brown hair :3! I cut it to make a look i felt fits me best ;D and i luuv it. I am slowly starting to feel a bit better about my image and voice because of this one special boi ;D he noes who he is <33. You may refer to me as Emo or scene but guess what i could care less. I am who i am and i wouldnt change it. I'm Bi and proud of it biissh~! I am dating someone thats really close to me and i feel i can let lose with , Samuel boi i love you :3! well Currently as of taken at 4/18/10 <33 .i'm the type of gurl who will always be there for you if you let me. i will be your shoulder to cry on if you'll be mine. I must sound old huh? im only fourteen, go figure huh? i tend to over think things, some concepts just interest me. like why was love made such an important issue to us? haven't u at least thought of tht once? O_O well im super sensitive so one sound outta you that sounds sad with get to me but i will be there for you through it all. go see life xD haha see it through a looking glass to the green field of joy! I swear my whole perspective on life has been changed just by reading this one book that really got to me and the boy i know i'll love till the day i die,Samuel Killan. Go read the book if you like informational books cuz ha if you dont ur gonna be like "Ugh this book sucks" and its called, "The Magic Of Believing." OH and b4 i forget my hobbies are to Draw,RP,and write stories : D<br />
    ever wanna catch me up and chat just do it.<br />
    if you wanna know if im writing a story at the moment just pm me bout it.<br />
    join the rainbowy trout on a ride through my world O<<br />
    oh did i forget to mention im the randomess person you'll meet : D haha <br />
    oh and wanna see more pics of the real me? just ask for one :3 i'll gladly show you but if i trust you fully enuff to show it xD lmao yeaa but i can be a camera whore frm time to time C: even though i lost the camera -.- i have my phone : D xD well i love hot topic clothes well anything hot topic : D i mean all my clothes are from there lol litterally..woo i change subjects fast on you O; lol the only way you get my number is if you ask and if i rlly feel close to you. C: only 2 ppl on here have it : D Sethios and Samuel <333 i can talk to these 2 fer hours but teh latest was with sam of course ;D my love <33 midnite haha <33 i may get in trouble with mom because of it but hey at least i got to stay on that long x)<br />
    i luv this boi to death wink <br />
    o.. um btw i can be a magor flirt >.< sorry if i tend to do it to you cuz i cant even tell i do it most of the time O___e i didn't notice it till my annoying friend pointed it out to me, Joe. <br />
    p.s. i love to do avi art ;D ask and chu shall recieve<br />
    p.s.s. give me a holy cookie and i shall luv u forever ;D<br />
    ok last P.s.s.s DONATONS ALWAYS LOVED <333<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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