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  • Artist Info: Hi. I am Daneisha. I am 23 and too old for Gaia.<br />
    If you like my profile, comment.<br />
    I am friendly to most. I hate ghetto people.<br />
    I hate bananas.<br />
    I love metal, rock, and alternative.<br />
    I haven't any kids. <br />
    Don't want any.<br />
    Single and loving it...though I wish my crush liked me....<br />
    I don't fight people.<br />
    I don't argue with trolls.<br />
    I am fat, yes.<br />
    I am also trying to lose it instead of complaining.<br />
    What you see is what you get.<br />
    My fave song is Fame<Infamy by Fall Out Boy.<br />
    I cannot type like super fast because I also make typos.<br />
    I love Cookies and Cream ice cream.<br />
    I am a computer potato. <br />
    I do artsues, so PM or comment if you want some.<br />
    I like to see new places and try new thing--as long as it isn't dangerous... gonk <br />
    I have a tendancy of not replying to IMs uber fast.<br />
    I ALWAYS have more than one window/tab open.<br />
    U mad?<br />
    Sometimes, I admit, I do live to eat. But other times, I let myself get famished because I am too lazy to cook.<br />
    I love my Iphone, despite all the negative comments I have received. <br />
    My spelling is pretty up to par.<br />
    I am sorta a Grammar Nazi.<br />
    I am learning Japanese. 4laugh <br />
    Been studying for a year and 1/2 as of May 28, 2011. <br />
    I haven't a legit, good reason to learn the language.<br />
    My reasons for learning are to write poetry in a foreign language, and obviously entertainment purposes.<br />
    I hate planes. I'll take a ship any day over a plane.<br />
    I suck arse at Math, but a wiz in English.<br />
    I want to be a fashion designer.<br />
    I enjoy doing CSS coding.<br />
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