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  • Artist Info: im isabel but u can call me isabutt, better yet, just call me that. im immature and know it. short too but i like it cause it makes me fun size:]. i love disney and heres some other stuff about me<br />
    i like/love:<br />
    disney<br />
    colors<br />
    My bombass bf tony smile <br />
    art:]<br />
    twinkie<3<br />
    beauty and the beast<br />
    brolly... :]
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i read mostly mangas, anime of course<br />
    i love romance stories:'] im a sucker for those>///< when i find one, i sit down and im in my own little world and i wont stop unless i truly have to go to the bathroom>< or if my tummy starts annoying my thinking>X3 then i get a bite to eat whilst i read:]<br />
    yup, major to the extreme maximus love story book fan>;o<br />
    i like:/<br />
    bleach<br />
    bloody kiss[completeToT] too short for it to end:'[<br />
    dragon ball z<br />
    card captor sakura<br />
    dragon ball<br />
    you're my girlfriend[completeToT]i loved it, wish it wasnt so short <br />
    akane-chan overdrive[complete] completely weird-_- dont recommend it<br />
    inuyasha<br />
    imadoki[completeToT]<br />
    Ai Hime ~ Ai to Himegoto<br />
    mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch<br />
    midori days[complete ToT]<br />
    fruits basket<br />
    sailor moon<br />
    7th Period is a Secret[completeToT]<br />
    gravitation<br />
    aori something ashi:[<br />
    Air[complete]<br />
    ranma 1/2<br />
    hot gimmick [completeToT]<br />
    yu yu hakusho<br />
    1/3 no Kareshi[completeToT]<br />
    bitter virgin[i love this one, can't wait til the next volume comes out>=O<br />
    absolute boyfriend[completeToT]<br />
    Aishiteruze Baby[complete]
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