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    Name: call me Elmo biggrin <br />
    Age: 16 ^^<br />
    Eyes: Left eye is blue right eye is greeeen~<br />
    Hair: Natural Blonde emotion_dowant <br />
    Piercings: Me buttom right lip - bites lip -<br />
    Skin: Albino white XD<br />
    Tattoos: Do layers of scars count? :l<br />
    Likes: Anime/manga, Gothic items, Coffee, Cigarettes, First Person Shooter Games, RPG's, Zombies, Apocalypses, Serial Killer Documentaries, Drag Queens.<br />
    Dislikes: Narcissists, Selfishness, Animal/Child Abuse, Attention Whores, Spiders, Drama, Judgmental People, Lies.<br />
    Personality: Hyper, Funny, Tough-Love, Imaginative, Bad-temper, Honest.<br />
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Drawing/Painting, Smoking, Gaming.<br />
    Future Occupations: Being a painter and working at a zoo with reptiles (:
    <br />
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