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  • Artist Info: Hey! My name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessie. I'm an early graduate of 2013. I was born August 26th 1995. I'm a Virgo and a boar (for some reason I have a thing with all the zodiac crap sweatdrop ). I'm sweet, honest, and caring. I have those times where I'm a bear and really no one wants to be around me but who doesn't? I think I'm somewhat over sensitive about things but I tend to get over it quickly (give me like two hours and I'll be good haha). I have an amazing boyfriend who I have been with since March 11th 2011 and I love him dearly. I have a family that drives me crazy (but I still love them.) I've gone threw a lot since I was a little kid but everything that has gone on in my life has only made me who I am today. I will continue to grow just like everyone else. smile Also I tend to do this face a lot " razz "...its a habit and IDK what got me started. xP I love to play video games...like I'm probably the worst gamer alive but I love just having my eyes glued to the TV or computer playing. Sooo addicting. xD The Legend of Dragoon is my absolute favorite video game ever (for ps1 at least xD). Drawing, tattoos and basically everything that has to do with creating something beautiful is my passion. I love to draw and one day I really hope to own a tattoo shop. I want to do avi art to. I have my own views with many different things and I typically let people know what they are. sweatdrop I'm always there for someone if they need help and I'm always up for talking. (I freaking love talking. O.O) I always say whatever floats your boat. I don't care if you smoke , drink, do drugs or live in a box, honestly just whatever floats your boat, I couldn't care less. We all do weird things. I don't judge unless you have crossed me in some way. With me its like if you do something hurtful once I'll forgive you but do it again your out. Anyways, that's about it. I'm weird I know. <br />
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