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    Estimated Value:2,684,700 GoldName:Lexi<br />
    Age:17<br />
    Status: InLove<br />
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    So Hi I'm Lexi i live in Boston,MA pretty boring here actually.I'm Emo i like to wear black most of the times and i rarely communicate with people in my school except to 1 person.I'm STRAIGHT and I'm TAKEN by a very special "someone" that i truly love so much and his language i just adore so much that i can resist to squeeze him tightly and kiss him ♥ I hope oneday we will meet each other in the real world.I love Panda's, Pocky,Drawing and Singing. My Top Favorite band is Evanescence,Linkin Park, Skillet, and Equinox. I love my music LOUD i can singing pretty well my parent love my singing voice and one day want me to be on American Idol but i just cant because it will be LIVE on TV and lots of people watching so thats really intense for me...I want to either become a Singer, or a Artist for my career but im stuck STILL on picking one for my first choice.Thats All The Info You Need So BYE!
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