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    I bring the lesbians out of people<br />
    when you hanging with me (;<br />
    I go into college perp school.<br />
    Like all type of music as long there good.<br />
    Not a people person.<br />
    I tend to blush or smile alot when people stare at me.<br />
    Can an ass half the time.<br />
    favorite color: Black, blue, green, red, white, sliver, gold.<br />
    Wanna fb me? pm me<br />
    Cell number? pm *NOTE* U.S only<br />
    Not a fan of swagg or what ever you call it.<br />
    Dislike: Hipster, swag, unsexual people, retards <br />
    like: sexual, henai, anime, tv, mw3, ps3/xbox<br />
    PSN: Gebobz me and my brother use that together.<br />
    My psn: Pockie_Ninja<br />
    xbox live: you gotta pm for that one c; <br />
    hight 5'9<br />
    birthday: may 31<br />
    Don't sign onto facebook all the time.<br />
    Director on my own time.<br />
    My art V<br />
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    <br />
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