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  • Artist Info: About me?<br />
    I love to draw, more than anything.<br />
    Lot's of people ask how I draw so well, it's almost annoying sometimes.<br />
    I'm currently practicing writing with my left hand, though my handwriting looks like it was done by a kindergardener, or maybe first grader...<br />
    I also like to write. Maybe one day I'll put a story in my journal.<br />
    But only if I feel like it.<br />
    As well as the handwriting, drawing, and writing, I'm also learning Japanese! =D<br />
    It's so awesome, I would suggest learning an unsual language like Japanese... and you should probably learn Spanish, too, it's kind of a common language, and would come in handy to know... <br />
    I'm not very athletic, I'm a total intelect... which really stinks, because that means for me that I'm not very good at most of the games, and am often overlooked during them.<br />
    I'm working on building up enough courage to play. =P<br />
    Sayonara! =^_^=
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