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  • Artist Info: I'm a person who says very little in game. Otherwise, I'm pretty open.<br />
    Name: Just call me Zennithe<br />
    Age: I'm in my teens<br />
    Birthday: 3/31<br />
    Location: The U.S.<br />
    Likes: Dependable people, people who don't look down on others, singing, drawing, dancing, song-writing, reading, playing basketball, playing the piano/guitar, dreamers, lovers, understanding people, non-judgmental people, friends<br />
    Dislikes: Irritating/obnoxious people, egotistical jerks, injustice, something that's too loud, certain people in my life, America<br />
    Goals: To be an artist; web designer; a singer,/dancer (but in South Korea)<br />
    Hobbies: Drawing, writing, song-writing, singing, dancing, playing piano/guitar, games involving words, maze games, any skill game<br />
    Favorite Color(s): Black, red, silver, and royal purple<br />
    Favorite Book(s): The Twilight Saga (only/b] the books), The Hunger Games (only the books)<br />
    Favorite Music Genre(s): Kpop, Jpop, Pop (sometimes), Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk, Alternative<br />
    Favorite Song(s): Sherlock by SHINee, You and I by Park Bom, In the Club and Love is Ouch by 2NE1, This is War, Cry and Scribble by MBLAQ, The Boys by SNSD, Someday by IU, I'm a Loner by CNBlue, Power and Warrior by B.A.P., Paralyzer by Finger Eleven, Down with the Sickness by Disturbed, In the End by Linkin' Park, etc.<br />
    Favorite Movie(s): Ninja Assassin<br />
    Favorite Show(s): Extravagant Challenge<br />
    Favorite Artist(s): Any Kpop groups/solo artists and most Heavy Metal/Alternative bands<br />
    Notes: I love anime and manga. But besides that, it's not hard to approach me as long as you're nice about it. So some talk to me on zOMG, kay? smile
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