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    Well...where shall we start well.. i'm not gonna tell you my name ninja until you and i get to know each other as friends okay?<br />
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    I'm Hispanic, Dominican-American anywayz Boo-boo i'm very Playful with everyone until they get on my nerves or bad side, so don't freak out about it yum_puddi you can also call me Ichigo (strawberry), Puddin', or Harmony since i enjoy these yummylicious treats and i'm always happy :3 <br />
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    I'm friendly, quiet, shy until you get to know me, random, Devilishly Charming, sweet, funny, unpredictable, crazy fun wink <br />
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    I am a College Student. so....let's see...umm..again I'm shy at first until you get to know me, then I'm just wild..sometimes 3nodding , I'm also crazy/random/hilarious/very childish. but i can also be a real bitch sometimes but only becuz ppl deserve it,and if they sometime tend to piss me off. but other than that i'm harmless.<br />
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    i seem have a really bad anger problem and don't really know why. but most of the times, I'm harmless and friendly to everyone. I will admit that i can be selfish at times but who isn't?<br />
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    HAHA!! rofl but i really do not like conflict, i will try and talk it out with you or people or just keep things to myself. I'm a lover not a fighter. <br />
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    basically i rather like to keep things to myself, bottled up inside. mostly anger xD. and yea i know i shouldn't do that. but jeez! it's giving me an ulcer. xD but other than that i'm a cool, quiet, lazy-back at times, nice, sweet person honestly^-^but who acts like a little girl though. blaugh wheeee!! if you dont believe me, then that's your problem not mine. Actions speak louder than words. heart <br />
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    things that scares me: <br />
    spiders<br />
    babies<br />
    children<br />
    being hurt...<br />
    being all alone and unhappy<br />
    Not having good friends, a loving and caring family<br />
    life in general <br />
    <br />
    things that makes me smile: <br />
    candy<br />
    You <br />
    ice-cream<br />
    pudding<br />
    strawberries<br />
    cherries<br />
    sprinkles<br />
    toys<br />
    Arts & Crafts<br />
    Drawing Anime<br />
    dresses<br />
    movies<br />
    being happy <br />
    making other people happy <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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