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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone here at the interwebz, and welcome to my (boring) profile~<br />
    So, some stuff about me that isn`t boring... hmmmmm, might start with saying that I`m quite the derp and at times, very... VERY random :3<br />
    I also enjoy voice-acting, especially for non-human characters and stuff, and hope I can make a living from that someday... someday //^o<br />
    Uh, other than that, I guess I can say that you might call me whatever you want as long as you don`t make yourself look stupid, and it`s something I really am... so, no calling me cigarette until I get better at Badou's laugh, k people? XD<br />
    Ooh, and if I`m slow at replying, it`s not because I hate you... it`s because I live in Norway, so I might be asleep, or outside freezing my half-sweedish toes of in the rain (lovely activity XD) :3<br />
    Well, I guess that`s all worth saying...<br />
    I shall leave in parrot-style now...<br />
    N-not because it`s the only animal I can imitate or anything //wO;;;<br />
    ... SQUAWK! CRACKER! *leaves*
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