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  • Artist Info: hi.my name is Gabriella,or hurting_princess.im not very good to talk to sometimes,seeing as to how i get depressed alot more then i like to show.i dont have many friends,so i cherish each and every one of the few that i have.i keep getting afraid that they will get sick of me and replace me (had happened before...) but so far iv been proven wrong.yay &gt;.&lt;.please dont judge me because i get depressed alot sad so..yeah.iv found the perfectest bf ever smile hes sweet,kind,amazing,and just plain wonderful heart heart heart . xP anywho...well,theres not much else to say other than,for those who wanna know :<br />
    haircolor: brown<br />
    eye color: greyishblue<br />
    skin color : pale white<br />
    height (just an estimate) : 5'2-5'4.yes,im short,i dont care -_-.<br />
    mental stability : questionable o.O<br />
    hair : curly at the bottom of the strands of hair : ish kinda annoying...<br />
    well,there you have it.just pm me if theres anything i left out that u wanna know.bye.
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