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    Hello. I'm Jade. I live in South Africa. No I am not black. ^_^.<br />
    I was born in the Year of the Tiger.<br />
    I like anime, but wouldn't consider myself an Otaku.<br />
    I am basically an Atheist with Buddhist beliefs.<br />
    I'm an introvert, so I tend not to socialize with people much outside the internet.<br />
    I dislike people who force their beliefs upon others.<br />
    I am generally even less tolerant towards Christians when they do this.<br />
    (Mainly because I have never had a Muslim or Hindu tell me I'm going to burn in hell for not believing in Allah or Hare Krishna)<br />
    <br />
    I like Punk Rock music and Anarchy.<br />
    As a general rule, I dislike materialistic people, conformists, extroverts, Jahovah's Witnesses, scene kids, and pop music.<br />
    Also 9Gag sucks. emotion_donotwant <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Everyday<br />
    Every day I learn to accept who I am more and more,<br />
    Every day I’m beginning to realize that who I am isn’t so bad<br />
    Every day someone says something to knock me down a little bit<br />
    But it only makes me tougher<br />
    A hell of a lot stronger<br />
    Every day I’m realizing things aren’t always going to go the way I want them to go<br />
    Every day I realize that I’m not so bad after all<br />
    Every day all of the things I put up with<br />
    The love and the drama<br />
    It all just makes me want to live a little bit longer
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