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  • Artist Info: ELLO! Welcome to my profle!!!! 3nodding blaugh heart heart <br />
    Random facts<br />
    <br />
    fact 1: My nick name is Sam 3nodding <br />
    fact 2: I am female blaugh <br />
    fact 3: I do not live were you live unless you live were i live. sweatdrop <br />
    fact 4: My fav show is The Vampire Diaries whee <br />
    fact 5: I am team Jacob (Only if it have to be on a team) rofl <br />
    fact 6: I love wolves. lol <br />
    fact 7: I- RANDOM LLAMA 4laugh <br />
    fact 8: I love llamas, they are sooooooo cool wink <br />
    fact 9: I am an artest and i AM on DeviantART (Spottedfire1212) biggrin <br />
    fact 10: This is the last fact. eek <br />
    <br />
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    heart I LOVE TO RP heart <br />
    If you like to rp; if i am on i may rp with you just send a pm.
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