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  • Artist Info: What you need to know is that I live somewhere in this world where there is not much crises besides all the robberies and random attacks, where the beaches are akwaldly saying hello and come and swim, the days grow either longer or shorter, doesn't matter if you ask me cuz time is an illusion. Finally I am a complete nerd. Yes a nerd. Not the type with the goofy glasses and know only about math or are just complete weirdos, no I know stuff, have nice grades, worry little at a time, fantasize about my favorite video games, shows, and anime. If you feel you want to talk to me, find me in the towns, zomg, or in the forums. Just please if it is to spam, leave me alone, I rather talk to my annoying little brother.<br />
    : ) SMILE CUZ IF YOU DON'T YOUR PATH WILL DISSAPEAR! positive good, drama better, negativity, **** it.
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