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    Hello! The names Deelo & REMEMBER IT. emotion_bigvein <br />
    -Born in Chicago Illinois. <br />
    -Currently 17.<br />
    -Fave colors are orange && yellow.<br />
    -I like C walking. <br />
    -I play soccer && baseball.<br />
    -I like gymnastics.<br />
    -I like peedos, creepers, & stalkers<3 emotion_dowant <br />
    -I'm a cool cat. <br />
    -Being called a Jew is the rudest thing you can say to me. <br />
    -My first breath was taken on August 20th! <br />
    -Cookies are yummy. <br />
    -I Like Thai food. emotion_omnomnom <br />
    -I play Modern war fare & black opps! emotion_zombie <br />
    -I love those Keep calm and be ___ signs! <br />
    -I have 2 main gaia friends i know in real life, iiVietxAngel & Share the Hate. <br />
    -I do bets in studios with my brother!<br />
    -IN LOVE WITH SHISHA!!! xD <333. Fave flavor is Apple.<br />
    -Love poking people<3 <br />
    -I'm afraid of ILLUMINATE. o.O But I'm also very interested in learning all about it if you need to know anything about religions and history talk to me ask me questions! <br />
    -I like to google really random stuff.<br />
    -I'm on google, youtube, gaia, facebook, && deenshow 24-7.<br />
    -I love watching breakdancers dance, there really cool. <br />
    -Awesome friends that I know on gaia and reall life would be --<br />
    Jaak, viet, melissa, ayah. emotion_kirakira <br />
    IM MARRIED TO 3 PEOPLE emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
    <br />
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