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    XXXAbout me, hmm.... <br />
    XXXK, well, I am 22 years old. Im 5'1. 420 pounds. I love the smell of cinnabons wrapped in bacon. I deep-fry twinkies in cheese before dipping them in ice cream. Lol. Dear me. I joking of course. <br />
    <br />
    XXX No, in reality I am 22. But I'm 6'2, 178lbs. People tell me Im pretty funny, but people also say that the Resident Evil movies are good. Bah, they blow and you know it. <br />
    XXXI love the color red, Zombies, good food, the italian language, drawing, the violin, and women. Lol. Im a pretty simple dude on the surface. I wouldnt advise any excavation however. Lol. I dont normally get close to people. I love going to the movies. I love all movies, chick flicks and all. Um, I am a dog person. If I could, I would have 50 dogs. <br />
    XXXJeez, I really dont like describing myself. Makes ya seem rather narcissistic dunnit? I guess if you wanna get to know me, hell, you'll just have to get to know me. Lol.<br />
    If I could live by one saying it would be
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    <br />
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    Empty your mind,<br />
    Be formless, shapeless,<br />
    Like water.<br />
    Now you put water into a cup,<br />
    It becomes the cup.<br />
    You water into a bottle,<br />
    It becomes the bottle.<br />
    You put it in a teapot,<br />
    It becomes the teapot.<br />
    Now water can flow,<br />
    Or it can crash.<br />
    Be water my friend...
    <br />
    - Bruce Lee
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