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  • Artist Info: stuff about me?<br />
    Um I Am So nEw On tHiS wEbSiTe tHaT`WS aLl i hAvE To SaY ByE.<br />
    <br />
    if u want 2 b my friend, just add. comment plez<br />
    <br />
    i'm always bored! <br />
    u want 2 know alittle about myself, here you go: <br />
    im smart, funny, random, nice, and a whole bunch of other things. <br />
    i love music. i listen 2 my music 24/7. my favorite song is right round by flo rida. that 's y i choose my name. <br />
    the guys i like r usually tall cute and definetly not stupid. they also flirt with me everyday. this kid @ my skol flirts with me. the funny thing is that he is tall, cute, and not stupid. he's hot. <br />
    ill try 2 put pics of myself but 4 knopw, ill put pics of stuff that represents me or just stuff that i love, like guys. HOT GUYS. <br />
    i am really looking 4 guy friends. if ur a guy and wants 2 b my friend. just add me and ill accept.
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