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  • Artist Info: HEY ppl, its me! <br />
    i use to be Xx_unicorn_thief_xx<br />
    im curently in field hockey.... i love my family they r awsome!!!!<br />
    i have a nease and neafue (i dont care if i spelled that wrong)<br />
    i really want to kill that person who took my lusty and kitty slippers on my old acoount...<br />
    im working on geting rich again, i love to swim....and yes, i do get sunburnt easily...<br />
    i have a ghost friend in my house named lucy....we are bfff (best friends forever foo)<br />
    i love to chat so just add meh and we might become buddys for life....<br />
    ALOT OF SISTERS, two bro's....and no momy and daddy...how sad crying crying crying crying <br />
    anyways thats pretty nuch it luv u all!!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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