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    gaia_angelleft Welcome gaia_angelright
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    Hello!!! Okay first my name is not really Suzu. Maybe I am a demon though. 0^0 I love to draw. In fact I have some of my drawings in the arena. My artist idle is Mark Crilley. He has how to draw videos on YouTube and I've learned how to draw some stuff from him. When I grow up I might be a Pailentoligest or try and be on Brodway. I love to act! What can I say I'm very fond of the arts. Well I must get that from my mother. What's weird is I can't do drama to well (yet) but can do comedy great! Which is odd because comedy is WAY harder then drama. Or I would like to be an Equine Vet Tech. I love the moon and the stars. I think the moon is amazing I just wish I could see the stars more. I have a few friends I know in real on here. There pretty awesome. wink I ride horses. I've been in a couple shows, never usually get 1st but I'm improving! My horse is named Baily. He is a dark brown Quarter Horse. I love him. 4laugh I also play the piano. I can play very advanced pieces. I can't read music though but my teacher shows me how to play the songs. But I have to play by memory.Now I get that people may think I'm wired but I just like having a bright spirit that's all. So that's preaty much it. biggrin
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