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  • Artist Info: Hello My Name is Azwego and I have been living for along time, As you can see Jolie C aka JC, Kui Kuma, Jli, is my keeper. I'm a fun loving guy living in a cold and dark castle in Japan,who I loves to search and find new friends. I may be a vampire but I don't bite much. <br />
    <br />
    I love to sleep in coffins and feed my pet bats, they are so cute oh did I just said cute? Oh well I cant help it. I'm a regal vampire we are high on the list of Vampires. Might I add I sometimes grow cute little bat wings and could fly right to your window or door but please don't get your broom and shew me a way, it's only me =). I love dark Gothic music and industrial music and many others. I love Visual Kei music and I love to dress up. I front a VK band called Sweet Blood you may of heard of my band if you haven't you will. <br />
    <br />
    Don't let the birth date fool you it's my master/keeper JC's birth date not mine(they don't have it on the list of birth dates). I'm an old man living in a young 20 something body. But I look young on here. So please come join me and my keeper's world of evil spawns and anything that goes bump in the night.....<br />
    Oh I can get a little bit crazy when I see a cute guy or girl walk my way, but my keeper JC keeps me in line, I don't know what I would do with out her. <br />
    Chao Your so cool! <br />
    <br />
    Oh JC likes horror movies just like me and like pretty much everything I like =) <br />
    Bye Bye <br />
    JC and I create and leach out EVIL Spawns so if any one caused you pain or really done you wrong let me and JC know and we will let out our EVIL SPAWNS on those wrong doers they don't have the right to hurt people...... <br />
    Friend JC and I if you think we are cool <br />
    Thanks to my keeper and Chao I would never have a profile on here nor have a profile here, I'm too busy flying around with my bat wings and sleeping in my coffin in the day time, but don't worry to all of you Azwego lovers I will make time to come on and converse with you all and join in the fun here on Gaia <br />
    bye bye.....
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