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    In a time before man... there was... DOMO! Domo eats kittens. Yes, kittens. Little known fact, what happens to kittens inside of Domo? Well you see... exposed to the magical digestive juices of that wonderful creature they fuse together (along with the other odd variety of things Domo decides to ingest) becoming hateful and full of malice. Thus, every thousand years, Domo defecates out a KITTEN OF DOOM! Yes, this is one of those very kittens right here! Angry at the multitude of consciousnesses slammed together, he plans (all be it vaguely) to obtain all of Gaia's yarn to ease his malice. SURRENDER YOUR YARN TO ME!
    <br />
    <br />
    POWERS of the Kitten of Doom:<br />
    <br />
    Primary: Alright so they aren't really powers on the main part. More like the jumbling together of cat-like physical traits/reflexes. He has the stamina of a thousand kittens as well as grace and balance. He also has a fixation with laser pointers, anything that dangles, and eating a variety of small rodents and things of the avian variety (fishies too). Also you may want to beware his fur balls of epic report abuse doom!<br />
    <br />
    Secondary: Gathered from the magic in the digestive juices of Domo, he can bite and scratch hard enough to slice through metal. He's also... very very... angry. He's mastered the art of swordsmanship for unknown reasons (probably because Domo's magic is good like that) and he can meow very very VERY loud. It's over all really distracting and annoying when he does that. Did I mention he has a really cool tail? Yeah... there's that. He may also use his cat like guile to steal your shinies! Beware the Kitten of DOOM!
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    User Image<br />
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    I live in your closet and poop in your cereal... FEAR ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!<br />
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    Human F Potion<br />
    Vivid Eyes Purple<br />
    Default Mouth 1<br />
    Lovely Lucie (Young Lady's Cosmetics)<br />
    Masquerade (Light Blush)<br />
    Queen's Advisor (Robe)<br />
    Shadow Fencer (Vest)<br />
    Wisteria (Skirt)<br />
    Wisteria (Leggings)<br />
    Lady Sybil's Lace (Sapphire Booties)<br />
    Ruffed-Up Showgirl (Lace Gloves)<br />
    Purple Heart Droop Chain Belt<br />
    Silver Mystic Amethyst<br />
    Bitter Sweets<br />
    Wisteria (Headband)<br />
    Gogh Reed (Zero Hair (with SC Agape))
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