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  • Artist Info: Hi,<br />
    Al little about me!<br />
    My initials: M.M<br />
    From: Holland <br />
    Born: Pakistan,Asia.<br />
    Old: 13 Years.<br />
    Family: 3 little brothers and a lttile sister!^^<br />
    Like: Role Playing and Play with Water, In the Rain!<br />
    Dislike: INSECTS!<br />
    Character: When I am Angry......I am Demonish smile . I am Good at Call someones Names. <br />
    And I am Good Troublemaker >.><br />
    Favorite animals: Panda and Werewolf<br />
    Favorite color: Blue and Green. Purple And Black.<br />
    Favorite anime: Fruits Basket<br />
    Favorite Singer: Justin Bieber and Rihanna^^<br />
    Like travel to: Japan, China, California && USA!<br />
    Hobbies: Read Books. Draw Manga&&Anime and Dance.<br />
    Favorite Writer: Lemony Snicket, Stepehenie Meyer and Franice Oomen.<br />
    Favorite Season: All.<br />
    <br />
    That's all, I think. You Can Ask Questions.<br />
    And left a Comment ^_^
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