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    " I'll be there to catch you when you fall(: ,"
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    Oh Yeah , Click to see me Me. The lazy girl that loves to talk. I'm a normal laid back girl, that will talk on a phone till she has to go to school. I'm the type of girl that would skip like algebra and serve a detention. I'm an out going person and really easy to get along with. I'm very skinny people say. I would verse the boys in some of there video games or sports in real life.I'm taken by a loving person that loves meh . Friday night I'm mostly never on because i go to the High School Football. I'm going to start trying to playing the piano for my spare time. Wanna hit me up in face book just add meh FaceBook(: . I have some shout outs to make so lets start. Hes my pal and his name is Cole. Cole is great at making converations fun and exciting. Cole and i are always hanging out talking about randoms things that come to our minds. There is also yum yums my main man. The person who cares about everything that happends to me. Yum yums is the best person to have in your life. Yum yums is one to protect people he cares for and im greatful he cares for me. There one person i love and thats my gaia brother and his name is Meedo. Meedo has always been there good and bad just like my brother that died. Though meedo is one to cheak up on people to know they are safe and thank you for that. I have a Great partner in crime his name is Rock, lol he has been my buddy on gaia for over a year now. Rock is the best friend i ever meet that always told me the truth about my avi's.(: Thanks Rock for always being there! I have a person i did miss every day named Kitty. She is the best friend ever. No one can take her place as a sister to me. Thank you kitty for bring our friendship back to life<br />
    " I'll trust you to catch me when i fall for you(; ." <br />
    Avi Art<br />
    Me and Meedo<br />
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    Good Bye People :3
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