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  • Artist Info: HELLO EVERYONE!My name is Pop Corn,but some call me OMG.I'm 8 years old and i like ice cream.I have pink eyes and light pinkish long hair.My sis says that she has a headache and i have just thrown up coz it is very hot and i have been out on sun,and i ate some salad and chocolate wich i like,too...I <3 gaia and avatars and dolls.At the moment I'm bored.My mom says I'm lazy and I say that she does nothing all day.My dad is asleep.I want to have magical powers and I also want to live in a candy house<br />
    I was not really serious up there and I think u noticed that.i was truly bored,but I don't want to tell much about me(I don"t want that serial killers pay attention on me <_< >_> wink .I can just say that I'm one nice and friendly young person and about other stuff u can see in interests smile ...Thank you for wasting your time reading this,I appreciate that biggrin <br />
    P.S. even if i wasn't serious in blue text that doesn't mean that there is no truth in it...<br />
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