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  • Artist Info: Hi!!!!! I love anything Japanese and one of my fav. foods is SUSHI! Anime is my fav thing to watch or read. I like to have fun and hang with my friends!!!!!! I'm almost always looking for new peeps to talk to and U'll find me at 001055 alot waiting for my best friend. **Crys and acts like weirdo** The friend i like so much, who should be my girl friend right now and should be hanging out with me every day! T.T.....heh. sorry had an awkward moment..lol..I can't wait to meet all u people.<br />
    <br />
    p.s. IDK if u call me a noob cuz i know im not....Ok i may be aittle bit of a noob on here but w/e! Im still happy in real life and that's all i care about. so if anyone wants to be serious and call me a noob, U can go F*ck Ur selfs!!!!!! ****SIGH*** K bye bye now!
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