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    Hello peers, slaves and, children from which i stole candy from, <br />
    Thanks for stopping by my profile. It is not much, but i am not on alot anymore. School is a bummer so i can't go on gaia that often. When i am on you will often see meroaming random new games complaining about how "these youngsters gadgets are so horrid." <br />
    I am not a dick, if you have assumed that so far, that is the last thing i wanna be :<<br />
    Anyone who wants to chat it up is free to comment or PM me, I love to make new friends and not go all church of fudge on your face.<br />
    For those critics who visit me: *HISSSS* <br />
    I don't care that my outfit is crappy ass, i like it and so should you! <br />
    -Melissa Out-
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