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    Haii!!!! I'm Ghosty <br />
    well welcome to my profile<br />
    I've been on gaia since 2008 <br />
    I'm from California!<br />
    Ghosty? well I'm nicknamed that<br />
    for being shy, quiet, and white lawls<br />
    I'm Mexican-American so shuush<br />
    I do speak/read/write Spanish and English!<br />
    I recently changed my name to LovelyGhosty<br />
    (sorry for the mix up!)<br />
    I love anime and manga <br />
    I love to sing and draw a lot <br />
    I am a lolita <br />
    I love all sorts of music (I don't judge)<br />
    I play various instruments<br />
    and... I'm officially a college student! (now 21 yrs)<br />
    okay well i dunno what to write anymore so bai!!! <br />
    heart yum_puddi yum_puddi heart
    <br />
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