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  • Artist Info: Salutations, my name is Cheriipai.<br />
    I'm 21, and I'm from Hanoi, vietnam and is residing in NC for now.<br />
    I'm often shy at first but once you get to know me, I'm not so shy and rather talkative and funny.<br />
    I'm an artist, artisan, musician and I do some martial arts.<br />
    I have wide-range vocabulary and english isn't my native language so pardon me if you get perplexed by me.<br />
    I'm only online every so often so no, I'm not dead yet; PMs work best and if we have enough time we can go a virtual space hangout.<br />
    II'm taken by one of the most rarest personality and stunningly handsome men that goes by the name of griffin ivey.<br />
    I strive to be the fittest girlfriend (hopefully potential wife too) for him as well as a good friend too. <br />
    I'm unsure what else to type in here so this will be it for now. /shrug
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