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  • Artist Info: What's this? I done got rid of my list and now am typing up a bunch of weirdo loser things that will actually explain the kind of person that I am? Well I'll be blasted with a beam rifle. For starters, I am a jackass or an idiot. I don't really care which you refer to me as. And I much enjoy the title I have appointed myself. Also I very fancy a good video game. Who doesn't? Fun suckers! That's who, and that want to suck all the fun out of you and the internet. Let me tell you about that in my next topic: My Loserness. You see, fun suckers also want to call me a loser being I really enjoy a bunch of money pits like card games and buying boxsets. Well let me tell you what-for fun suckers! I disagree and will continue wasting my hard earned dollars on frivolous crap. <br />
    <br />
    I don't really know what happened their, my college professor will defend my good word when I say I can't hold a topic down in normal conversation. Or even just typing. I'm pretty bad at the entire speaking thing. My lingo is a bit out of whack and I tend to use really stupid words that we should have really shot in the past. But I don't think the term "groovy" hurt anybody. Although I do wish it could have hurt the hippies... Yeah, in the future I'll try to make a better one of these. Or you could start a conversation and I'll make it horrible. Whatever happens first. Do you think these two paragraphs measured one hundred words each?
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