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  • Artist Info: Weeeell...what can i say? confused <br />
    As of right now, im pretty much happier than i usually am 3nodding . i am medically depressed and am very...i guess emo, so...ya emo . family life usually sucks stressed , but i deal. Garrett is my boyfriend heart ,and he literally means the world to me. he is what makes me happy all the time. {i have a VERY different way of thinking than most people} im the kind of girl that busts out randomly for no good reason, and although im only 5'4" and skinny as i dont know what, most people are afraid of me scream , which makes all my good friends laugh. mrgreen <br />
    Here are some of my favourite things you may find interesting:<br />
    Favourite color: dried blood red/ black<br />
    Favourite food: steak and potatoes!!!!!! <br />
    Favourite person: its a tie between my best friend Eminee and my boyfriend that means the whole world to me. literally. Garrett. (oh...and Ewick...and Bwandon...and Carlay...and Hannahnah....and Alexxxxx...HOLY HELL! too many people.)<br />
    Hobbies: MARCHING BAND! HELL YEAH!!!<br />
    Instruments I play: oboe, baritone, trombone, euphonium, trumpet, some clarinet, percussion, pretty much any wind instrument you give me I can figure out and play well (except for flute, BLECH!)<br />
    Favourite flower: Orchid<br />
    Favourite name: Anastasia (girl) & Ayden (boy)<br />
    Favourite curse word: HOLY HELL!<br />
    Favourite drink: white chocolate mocha from Starbucks<br />
    Favourite time of day: midnight, just when all the stars are perfectly lit up in the sky and I can see all the constellations<br />
    Favourite song: Marry Me by Evanescence<br />
    Favourite band: EVANESCENCCCCCEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek <br />
    wink whee xp 3nodding xd
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