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  • Artist Info: Hey everyone this is DreamimgOfTheDevil but my real name is Victoria ^^<br />
    Im single and i love being single<br />
    im 16 years old <br />
    i do not smoke or take drugs >.>"<br />
    my fav colours are yellow, black and white<br />
    i am not emo or goth...i dont like labels and i am only myself<br />
    my fav music is any heavy metal rock song and/or band ^.^<br />
    i hate rap or hip-hop songs that talk bout taking drugs and stuff like that >.>"<br />
    im really shy sometimes but i still love random friend requests<br />
    so if you want to be my friend just ask<br />
    i also really love anime <br />
    my fav anime is Vampire Knight <br />
    (vo.o)># <-----waffle..lol<br />
    anyways thats all what i pretty much have to say bout me right now<br />
    (if you want to know anything eles bout me just ask) <br />
    <br />
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