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  • Artist Info: ♥About me, Well, my name is Audrey and I'm 15. I love to draw, and love all sports. I fail at most things I try, but that's what helps you learn your mistakes. To travel, and experience new things that I probaly won't be able to do, is the most fun part in life. Helping out is also a big part in life, so I help out at local fundraisers, car washes, etc. Sorry, I don't give to people who beg and plead for things they want, and cannot get. I hear it's not good to talk to strangers, but meeting new people is an easy way to learn more about them, and learn new things. I am single, and free to talk anytime<br />
    <br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------- <br />
    I am currently questing things for my new avatar so here it is <br />
    <br />
    Black Swan <br />
    Midnight Club <br />
    Lumiere Noire 2nd Gen. <br />
    Angelic Manner
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