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  • Artist Info: Name: Lysa<br />
    Nicknames: Danika, Morgenstern, Himmelen Dyret<br />
    Ethnicity: German, Russian, Norwegian, French and Irish <br />
    Height: 5"11<br />
    Weight:<br />
    Orientation: Straight<br />
    Education: Some College<br />
    Religion: Non-Denominational<br />
    Favorite Resident Evil Character: George<br />
    Favorite Disney Character: Cheshire Cat, Chip n Dale, Grumpy and Belle.<br />
    Favorite Foods: COFFEE, turkey legs and buffalo wings<br />
    Favorite Restaurants: Olive Garden(1st), Fratellli's (2nd)<br />
    Favorite Dessert: tiramisu<br />
    Favorite colors: blue, red, black, silver (metallic color)<br />
    Occupation: Computer Animator in training<br />
    Status: In a relationship with my loves, Louie and Elizabeth, Kate and Artemis.<br />
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    <br />
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    <br />
    **Written by Louie, Elizabeth and Kate**<br />
    Our beloved is someone you can always cherish and create great memories with for all time, as I (Louie) can personally say she has been like a sister to me, a best friend, and with God's grace our eternal lover whom is completely loyal to the loves she loves back. Lysa's desire for drawing came in 4th grade from anime at first, but now her passion comes from the support she receives from her fellow artist, Louie, and the art requests she gets from her Elizabeth. Like I say(Louie),"Lysa's got great talent and its only going to get better as she practices both non-erotic and erotic art styles!" As her skills improve, we can't wait to see what CG animation treats she will create for her loves. Our Lysa also enjoys going out with her loved ones on random adventures whether it's strolling around the mall, relaxing at the park, mazing through the hordes of amusement park goers, or just window shopping for deals. She also has a passion for morning-stars and whips, especially leather whips made in Florence, for those have "the most passion to the heart". Her taste in food has widened as she enjoys trying new things--thanks to Louie's influence-- that she would have been picky about before. She does not care much for movies unless its a fantasy type genre if not you can find our love asleep within 2mins of the film; not all hope is lost for a movie night though, as she has come to enjoy some sci-fi type films and 3d animations. Her favorite movie, surprisingly, is Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt), which is actually quite enjoyable. She also enjoys watching Hentai with her loved ones and finds it inspirational toward her own artwork.<br />
    <br />
    Lysa has come to enjoy all different styles of music from all over the world but her main favorite bands are AFI, Blaqk Audio and Skillet. She also has a great fondness for different languages which she has also influenced Louie in too. Her love for classic game play comes from Louie but the origin of the whip came from Castlevania, however after Judgment, she despises the series new approach that they did for Lords of Shadow. Her other game play pasttimes are GaiaOnline and computer MMOs, like Guild Wars!!!!<br />
    She too has a love for animals, and definitely gets side-tracked with them a lot. <br />
    Don't give Lysa a regular reading book unless its from a game title she enjoys or it wont get read for years to come, but no one can blame her as manga are so much better! on a twisted side note she, "cant help cracking different parts of her body", even more so when Louie and Elizabeth cringe from the sounds she makes.
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    <br />
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