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  • Artist Info: i rock my body like a rockstarr<br />
    live like a movie star<br />
    play like an all star<br />
    fuck like a porn star<br />
    baby i'm a superstar<br />
    you can call me pamela<br />
    anderson<br />
    plus i rocks the stage like marilyn manson<br />
    <br />
    no hands<br />
    no skirt<br />
    look at me<br />
    i'm a flirt<br />
    in the club poppin bottles<br />
    lookin like a supermodel<br />
    plus my girls are hella pretty<br />
    so them bitches real saditty<br />
    attitude is sometimes shitty<br />
    rockstarr chicks run the city<br />
    <br />
    it's the rockstarr extraodinaire<br />
    throw your hands in the air<br />
    wave em like you just don't care<br />
    patron shots everywhere<br />
    crash a party anywhere<br />
    if you don't like me i don't care<br />
    i know you looking go on stare<br />
    i got haters everywhere<br />
    <br />
    plus i'm in a fast car<br />
    kinda like nascar<br />
    the boys screamin trina stop<br />
    but trina screamin kid rock<br />
    just found i got a stalker<br />
    omg it's travis barker<br />
    told you i'm a superstar<br />
    come party with a rockstarr
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