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  • Artist Info: ok well here ill tell u i <3 gir i <3 writing poems heres heres 1:ppl trys to maker things good how do u have a rainbow without rain?answer my question:answer:U CANT CAN U?i <3<br />
    music.i love the band black veil brides and slipknot and plz dont be mean to me i get hurt easily sweatdrop .i<3 the color green mrgreen my fav store is hot topic surprised music revovles around my life oh yeah i dont like anime srry to anime lovers i mean animes are alright but i dont go crazy stare gaia is boring but i like it because i get to talk to friends.i <3 kids movie idk know i mean i like other movies but idk
    0.0 i love soda my bff and cousin is diamond12344 >.<if you mess wit my friend ur in a world of pain !i love making pic and i <3 making pics on the comp. <>< my friend showed me that lol ifyou get me gifts i will always talk to u and you will be my bff and i like giving gifts!plz give me stuff =| lol im an active person this is going to be long i love paromore so all you fans.................... be my friends!lol if u give me gifts ill keep and never trade it even if it cost 1 gold im really nice i love rock metal and alternive hip hop r&b plz dont be sassy wit me i get mad stressed scream my twin in real life is diamond girl12344 4laugh dont be mean she my bff but in a few days she will meet all kinds of friends!i love my dog elliot mrgreen <br />
    1 of my fav band is red hot chili peppers heart my fav song from them is under th bridge!dont say u hate them or i kill u lol xd ii wish u guys would know how i really am stare -waits a moment- srry <br />
    bye ask me any of ur questions sweatdrop ask me anything if you'd like to be my friend oh have a nice
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