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  • Artist Info: Hello people of gaia...And non-people... Welcome to my page! I'm your humble yet stilll adoriable host Neko Ryuuzaki. (By the way that's not my real name as well as another thing is I used to be -Crazy_Chibi_Death- but that name got hacked.) I'm have an age that's all you need to know. I am a Anime/Game freak. Always is always will be. I'm a very sweet person, Kind, Fun loving... But when i'm in a bad mood...MOVE HERE I COME >w<! Ha-ha well as you can tell from my backround (Hand-made) I really do mean it when I'm a game freak! I love Silent Hill (All of them.), Tf2, L4D2 (And the first one.), And Resident Evill (All of them not the 5th game though >.>.). <br />
    So well that's mostly all of it. If you have an urge to talk to me go ahead I'm All ears. "Ha-ha I'm a force of nature!" Just kidding well...Um, Bye!<br />
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