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  • Artist Info: well ummmm im new at this so i dont have any friends, haha i know its sad but i dont...well i do have friends but not on this site haha major confusion. sooooo yeah, i like movies im more of a comedy so i like to watch comedy central, but i dont mine watching scary movies i think that some parts of the are kind of funny in a way haha. and wat else is their, OH! i <3 food its just soooooo yummy and i also like to try new foods to c if i like it or not. sooooooooo yeah thats all i can think of, oh yeah and i like to hang out with my friends =), NOW thats all i can think of thats about me. so yeah latr<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    P.s. im kindof shy<br />
    The End
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