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  • Artist Info: My man, when talkin to me, he doesn't look at me or anything, does this mean he doesn't like me? hes really quiet. when I talk hes facing forward, and when hes talking to me he faces me. i this wierd?<br />
    so anyways... my man, hes really nice, quiet, and considerate to everyone (Who isn't too loud and/or stupid) so imma list a few moments below.<br />
    -once he didn't walk me to class, so i swear he mumbled "sorry i couldn't walk with you today" at the time i was standing there stupidly like "What did you say?" he told me to nevermind.<br />
    -my man is in crosscountry, and sumtimes when he runs by he screams my name/mouths my name with the biggest grin ever. (He starts smiling to himself as soon s he sees me, kinda like "What is she doin' here" so one day, he told me he was sick, it was obvious that he lost his voice, he ran that day, and still screamed my name. But i mean, i guess if he was feeling better enough to run, he was feeling better enough to scream my name.<br />
    -my man, is really shy. I soon as my friend(s) say hey to me, he stops talking. I guess he desn't like my friends or something. But when were alone, he talks alot.<br />
    - he went to see a chickflick with me and a friend because he had 'nothing better to do' he sits with next to me, my friend told him "Why don't you sit in the middle?" and he was like "Oh god.... no..." a few days later he told me he didn't really like movies.... but just today he was telling me he bought two movies.... (Confusing a bit? maybe i miss heard him, or he was tlaing about specific types of movies)<br />
    -my man, he was a french person for halloween, one day., he told me i had a french nose. now i dn't know what thats suppost to mean, but i guess it was a compliment. He was like "normally you can't tell when someone's french, but with you, its obvious."<br />
    -when me and my man see eachother, and none of our friends are around, we kinda smile at eachother, maybe mouth 'hey' but we're both to quiet to actually shout it out<br />
    -my man, he acts all geto sumtimes. My guess is, that usully when he acts like that he doesn't get mad red, but when he does that infront of me, like example, "hey wazzup homie!?" then hed turn to me and be like "That was my homie" then he'd get Mad red!<br />
    <br />
    does this mean anything?<br />
    - i have a nickname for my man. so one day, im not walking with my friends, so i walk with my man, im like "Hey*insert nickname*" and then he accoliged me, then his friend repeated in a shrilly girl voice "Hey *inserts nickanme*" my man brushed it off. Later on, his buddy broke off and walked with kids infront of us, and instead of my man following him, he stuck around me and we had one of those akward silent walks, but it was kewl, me... my man... walking.... kewl.<br />
    <br />
    -when he sees mw and im with friends, he usually completely avoids eyecontact. wht the crud does this mean.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    so we're definatly friends, but anything more?<br />
    <br />
    ig yeah arparently my friend observed us for 5 secs today, and aperently he was 'leaning in' for all it means
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