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  • Artist Info: I'm Luna. <br />
    I'm a girl.<br />
    I'm a pretty laid back and easy going person.<br />
    <br />
    I really like fantasy and sci-fi, writing, reading, thinking, fishing, swimming, fencing, playing the cello, watching movies, playing Legend of Zelda, drawing, staying up late, and eating junk food. <br />
    I love stories of any kind, be it in a movie, a book, told, sung, anime, manga.<br />
    I'm not a FAN of anime, manga, movies, books etc, I just like a good story. I don't care how nice the art or effects are, if its not a good story, I don't care. <br />
    I hate people that are closed-minded, and overly opinionated. I don't waste my time with angry trollers, and I have a tendancy to laugh at people that I think are being stupid. <br />
    I have so many good friends, I love you all, and you each know who you are. <br />
    I don't bite, feel free to PM me any time. <br />
    I just don't accept friend requests if I don't know you in Real Life.
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