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    HI<br />
    My name is Cassidy. You can call me Cass, Cassidy or Jellie. <br />
    If you want to know how old I am, just ask. <br />
    I'm from the greatest country on earth, Canada. <br />
    I dislike rude people.<br />
    I hate people who talk lik dhis<br />
    I like bundles of music, but i don't like most of the modern day 2011 stuff.<br />
    You won't see me in towns much.<br />
    I like giving and getting gifts smile <br />
    I accept all friend requests that come my way <br />
    I love to chat so send me a message!<br />
    Comments make me smile smile <br />
    I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth.<br />
    I sorta like to draw.<br />
    I spend most of my time on gaia doing puzzles or scouring the marketplace.<br />
    I love to read books<br />
    I like Kitties :3<br />
    <br />
    Send me a message, comment or add me smile <br />
    Love ya! biggrin heart
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