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  • Artist Info: Hi! biggrin I'm Tazeka. I'm sorta new to Gaia but quickly getting addicted razz I'm a fairly good artist and writer and was introduced to this by a friend who would also fit that description. In case you're wondering, my username has no special significance. I invented it just because I like the way it sounds. Might put it into one of my stories some day too. wink <br />
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    More about my Hobbies:<br />
    As I said, I'm an artist and a writer. I'm best at super-realistic drawing in graphite, but I also work with Polymer clay and design jewlry (even though I rarely wear any, lol). As for writing, I'm working on a novel that's about 150 pages in word right now razz It's a fantasy taking place on a planet I invented where dragons and humans live in harmony and the knowlege of magic was stolen from it's people. I also write poetry sometimes about what ever's on my mind.
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