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    P.S Before you begin reading. Recently i started using Fl studio to create techno music. if you'd like to hear it, mail me or find my newgrounds. my techno makin' name is ChaosTheorem<br />
    Alright, So, Me. ^-^ I love writing, drawing, computers, cookies, people who write, people who draw, people who use computers, and people who cookies. (That was a joke o-o)<br />
    Im in a band with two of my friends, weve recorded our first album so if you'd like to hear it just gimme a yell. ^-^ (I do vocals)<br />
    I love jazz music, rock, a bit of metal, video game, landscape, acoustic and alternative as well as techno.<br />
    Im pretty smart and i spend too much time on the computer. I love people as long as theyre nice, so feel free to mail me, comment, or Rp with me~ <br />
    I wuvs anime, My favorites are:<br />
    <br />
    Ichigo 100%<br />
    Hatsukoi limited,<br />
    Lilim kiss,<br />
    Ane doki,<br />
    Naruto,<br />
    Elfen lied,<br />
    And some other i probly cant remember,<br />
    Im pretty optimistic, and lately ive been pretty happy. ^-^<br />
    Hmm...<br />
    I can do avi art but not for commision cause im quite amateur, but if you really need it come to me. xD<br />
    Some fun facts:<br />
    My favorite food is pizza. (Duh)<br />
    My best work in writing is the lyrics of my songs.<br />
    Im failing Math.<br />
    Im failing italian.<br />
    I can remember things from over 7 years ago.<br />
    The first drum i ever played in a bongo. (I play drums) =/<br />
    My name on urban dictionary is somebody who cant be stopped or beaten in an argument, and that im strong and persitant.<br />
    My cousins name on urban dictionary means a sex god.<br />
    My guitarist in my band hates bucket head.<br />
    My guitarists b-day is 10 days before the date of jimmy hendrix first concert.<br />
    I build things.<br />
    I break things.<br />
    I set things on fire.<br />
    I explode things.<br />
    I Implode things.<br />
    Then i build them again!<br />
    I have a 3 kitties, Snowy, Mittens and tiger.<br />
    I have a golden retriever, Amber.<br />
    My dad was a professional jazz drummer for 50 years.<br />
    My mom is a professional singer for almost 30 years.<br />
    I HATE pep rallies.<br />
    Im scared of heights. <br />
    Im scared of the dark.<br />
    I hate lots of noise.<br />
    I hate when its completely silent.<br />
    I love music.<br />
    I play music.<br />
    And i just stated many facts you dont care about.<br />
    Haha. Anyway thats all i can tell you, <br />
    ------------------Ron------------<br />
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