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  • Artist Info: Welcome to the page of Night lol im a nocturnal person i just love the darkness its so calming so free so silent you can hear your own heart racing as you run in the dark i air whistling past you the smells over powering everything else your senses become your closest friend touch, smell, hearing, taste even sight in the darkness you find out who you really are where you really belong. you find the place that you will call home it will be either the light or the darkness mines the darkness its been that way for as long as i can remember the freedom it comes with theres no end to it anything you can think up can become real the world was the limit but now the limit is endless in the darkness in your own world its a heavenly paradise thats where heaven really is in your world is your heaven thats my beleif anyways if you beleive in it it will be there if not then its wont be there the choice is yours remember that your world your choice but also you need to know this every chocie will come with its own consiquences so be careful of what you which for it may be your life your choice but only you can bring your own doom..<br />
    XOXO<br />
    The Angel of the Night
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    NAME: Charlie<br />
    OWNER: Lissa<br />
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    Name:Snow<br />
    Likes: Cold,Ice,Winter<br />
    Doesn't Like: Hot,Summer,Sun<br />
    Owner:Lissa<br />
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    Name:Rhubarb<br />
    Likes:dark,death,poison, books<br />
    Doesn't Like: life, light, people<br />
    Owner:Lissa<br />
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    I will have a dream avatar up later along with other stuff just trying to figure out how it all going to work..<br />
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