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    well this is me i guess......<br />
    <br />
    ♥my name is Amy Aiimee! <br />
    ♥yew have to buy mii presents on the 9th of june<br />
    ♥ima thirteen years old<br />
    ♥im in 1st year<br />
    ♥the place i live in is a campsite...<br />
    ♥ima emo type person<br />
    ♥ive just realised that all of mii friends are retarded! <br />
    ♥i still wuvs them tho!!<br />
    ♥i have a severe addiction to coca cola<br />
    ♥i spend all of mii time either drawing or buying hoodies!<br />
    ♥im very awkward! <br />
    ♥i have been led to believe that ima panda<br />
    ♥mii family is weird...enough said <br />
    ♥i own a gay dog called louie he is very bent!<br />
    ♥i want to dye mii hair blue<br />
    ♥ima trying to learn japanese<br />
    ♥i always lose mii locker keys<br />
    ♥i now have issues with all disney characters...<br />
    <br />
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