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  • Artist Info: heart I'm your typical girl. I love clothes, painting my nails, shopping, reading comics and action novels, play video games, draw, hike, and do karate... Just kidding about the first 2 things. <br />
    Anyway out of all the things I have listed, drawing is the one I am most passionate about. I don't seem to have time for the rest either anyway, but with great love comes great consequences right? <br />
    Currently right now I am working on a comic with a great friend who goes by the name Dave. A project for DC's Harley Quinn talent search, whatever my friend Ryan needs me to do, and many many others. <br />
    I have a fantastic job at a comic shop right now and have made great friends with fantastic employees there. But of course I have friends outside of that too that I love of present, past and future. heart
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