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  • Artist Info: Hey, I'm Melody!<br />
    I'm a TB/DL, an Otaku, an all around fangirl, and a *bit* of a geek. And by a bit I mean a lot.<br />
    I'm also an artist; I'll draw you something for free if you ask, and donations are ALWAYS welcome (I'll get a sample of my work up here soon) <br />
    Also, I'm Bi. Homophobes GTFO.<br />
    I love roleplaying, so feel free to PM me or something. Also, please be literate. <br />
    I'll RP most anything as long as it's not too terribly inappropriate. <br />
    Of course, PMs of love are welcome too! give to me all of the love!<br />
    Anime is amazing, AND I AM NOT A WEABOO, IAN!! I just like how crazy some of them are~<br />
    Um. So. Yeah. That's all I have to say about that.<br />
    <br />
    heart User Image<br />
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